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That allowed the fat rendered soap to be saved for bathing bodies. We still used the spring in the cave for drinking water and the piping we had allowed us to expand our water system with more faucets for the community. Most were located at the kitchen, but several were extended to the areas furthest away from the main hub of the town.When we found the huge slab of Marble I was overjoyed. I had just the use for it. It had taken two months of work to chisel it into the proper shape. I found that Manaqua had a talent for stonework, so I put him on the task. He gathered together three boys to help him. When he was finished at last we had a party.I filled the lower chamber with wood and started the fire. You could feel the heat build. The top was filled with water from the cave spring. Still the temperature rose. When it was just right I stepped up to it and climbed in to my very own hot tub. It was designed just the way the Romans had done it. It felt good on my weary muscles and I. I walk inside and was amazed at how many people were in his house. Bed has had parties before, and his house was huge so I could fit a large amount of people, but I have never had to squeeze by so many people before. I went to the kitchen and pulled a beer out of the fridge, knowing that that is where Ben kept all the good beer, then I went down in the basement where I knew people would be playing pong. When I walked down, everyone was shouting hello to me, and giving me hugs. I was happy to see my closets friends, Stefanie, Maria, and Shannon were there. Then I walk over to the pong table and saw Ben playing with Terrell, it looked like they were loosing by one cup. ‘Tara,’ Ben called to me, ‘Please I need you to celeb shoot for me, I’m getting killed here, Terrell’s been making all the shots so far!’ ‘Ok, ok’ I said as I walked up and took Bens place next to Terrell. ‘You shoot first’ I told him. He shot his ball, and it bounced off the rim of the cup. I took a few steps back.
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