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. Delilah? I remember her! She was a Queen of Spades, as I recall, but we otherwise got along. Just no sex between us, because I wasn’t black. I respected that, as it was her choice. I wonder if she’s still living in Arizona! Did she ever let you crash at her place?” I inquired now.“Yes, and that’s where things got really weird. We were mostly cool roomies, especially since my job helped pay the rent! Then one night ... Delilah invited me to sample some BBC with her. You know what I mean, I think,” Louise resumed, blushing as she spoke.“Big Black Cock. I’m familiar with it, especially from knowing Delilah, in fact. What happened?” I replied with true curiosity.“Well, she liked to go ... stealthing. Usually, it’s men who supposedly stealth. You know, remove the rubber, but she had a technique that waited until the condom was just slippery enough to slide off while the dude was distracted. Then she would use Kegels and ... the rest was history. Plenty of hot jizz deep inside her. Damn it, look at me using Ashton’s stupid name, her real name is Aubrey. I found that out after she ended up in my shower stall and we banged each other’s brains out. If you haven’t heard that story I recommend you go find it, it’s a doozy.Anyway, I’m not one to kiss and tell so I kept it to myself the past few days and have been waiting for a chance to meet her again. She gave me her dorm number, 409, but I hadn’t mustered the courage to knock. I wanted to see her in the halls and at least try to be friendly before implying I wanted another booty call. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t want one. I was ‘busy’ playing Stardew Valley on my PC when Ashton burst through the door behind me. “Dude, how could you not tell me?!” he said, throwing his backpack onto his pile of clothes in the corner of the room.“Tell you what?”“You boned some chick in the showers?!”“Who told you that?” I asked. I knew for a fact I had told no one. Was Aubrey talking about it?“Sam in my trig class, he said he.
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