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"So, Sylvia did like Sofia had told her and the moment her wet fingers touched her clit, she could feel how it tempered the burning sensation."MMmmmm," Sylvia let out in relief and then said, "Pe ... oh god ... tra ... use your ... spit ... you ... too ... Sa ... bi ... aaaaa ... na." Sylvia's body shuddered when she had a little orgasm.The other two girls did it as well, and they also could feel how it helped to ease the burning sensation. They all kept on doing this and then Sylvia just thought, "Oh, what the fuck!"She quickly got up, went sitting over Sofia's body and then dove in between Sofia's legs and started to lick and nibble on her friend's painful clit. When Sylvia had looked at Sofia's pussy for a moment, she couldn't believe how red it had looked, and she wondered if her pussy was looking the same."OOOOoooo ... YES!" Sofia shouted from relief, when she felt how this helped to lower the burning sensation even more. "This feeeels so gooood!"Sylvia quickly raised her head. A break was then on tap. It was during the break that the two planes from Tucson called the tower. They were 100 miles out as I listened to the conversation over the speaker.The agency guys in the tower immediately responded with airport information. It only took seconds before Jenny, Marcy, Ching Lee, Vicky and Lorrie was asking if I was going to join them watching our new planes land."Gentlemen, a couple of our new planes are inbound to land and park on the tarmac. We are going to walk to the end of the hangar to watch. You are more than welcome to follow us and look at the hangar on the way," I said.We listened to the communications from the tower to the planes on a portable radio as we made our way through the hangar. The 200 we pushed in there yesterday was still there. It was being cleaned tomorrow for a Tuesday flight to North Texas. A G5 and two King Airs were getting the same treatment for flights mid-week. The hangar was going to allow Lorrie to polish the outside of the.
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