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“How can I help you?”“You’re in my league at the tennis club. Would you like to play this week? I’m Christine, by the way.”Under my breath I cursed my buddy Chad for getting me involved in the league. Not only was it his goofy idea, but at the last minute he pulled out and left me to deal with all the whackos who called trying to arrange pointless, or so I felt, tennis matches.I tried quickly to think of a reason not to play Christine, but in the end I lamely accepted. We agreed on a Thursday evening match and I put the phone down cursing.Of course, the obvious thoughts of Christine being a delicious creature who would be insanely tempted by my limited charms ran through my head, but reality kept me from getting too far into the relationship before we’d met. It wasn’t often the girl I met matched the promise of the voice on the phone—approximately never.So… I turned up at the tennis club Thursday, straight from work and still thinking about the crap I’d left on. One part for washing cloths and another for having bath. The bathing area was near the bushes and tress. I went there with two of my friends that day. They both were 2-3 years elder than me.That day, was the second time and the last time I went there to swim.We went to the Pond near 12pm, my friends and i were bath nude in the water. We never told our family about the swimming escapade as we were not allowed to swim there, because we were immature in swimming. We were playing different sort of water games, we were playing police and thief in the water… after an hour I got tired and also felt an urge to shit. I went behind the bushes and did my work. When I returned I found my friends standing very close in water and their hands were touching each other’s pubic area inside the water. They were waist deep in water so I couldnt make out what they were doing but today I know they were masturbating. They asked me to join but I couldn’t as I never felt like touching other guy’s tool.I put.
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