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But English is not my mother language, so alowe me use the short citation of a brilliant blog from Bangkok boy! »But your bar boi /my Kai - my footnote/ is different. He really does love you. And not just for your money. No, really. Hold on for a sec while the rest of us finish rolling about on the floor in helpless fits of laughter. All k**ding aside, it is quite possible that your boi does like you. If you don’t stink, if you treated him well, if you tipped him well, and if you didn’t demand that he participate in weird perverted sexual acts. So we’re talking like a 20% chance. That you are old, fat, and/or bald does not come into the equation. He has been with older. fatter, and balder guys than you. Your tiny dick is not a problem either; the size of your wallet matters more than the size of your dick. Besides, your boi is straight and your dick is nothing more than an inconvenience to him. What really matters to a Thai bar boy is whether or not you have a ‘good heart’. Jai. I wanted him on me, I wanted his hands to touch me. I wanted him to hurt me. But there was suddenly silence. And the door closed quietly. Too scared to say anything I lay there for what seemed to be hours. Hours must have gone by but I had no way of telling. However my body was only growing hungrier for attention. ********* The door slowly opened. It let out a creak, I began to get scared. "Who's there...." I asked startled. I heard a voice that was not familiar. "Oh so you still haven't learned your lesson I see." I felt air brush past me and I heard this unfamiliar man rummaging through the draw. I felt his cool breath on me, again turning me on. He was putting a gag on me. "Lift your head," he said as he tied it round the back of my head. His body softly touched my nipples causing me to moan. My moans were now more silent then ever. His finger traced down my body all the way to pussy, I felt him push his thick finger in me. I moaned. Would I finally get my release?He chuckled and.
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