Romance In The Beach mp4

I wanted to feel it…badly, really badly. He put his hand on my back, started to feel me up, testing to see if I was worth taking his dick, then he rubbed my bum slowly and that’s where he started to press and sandwich his dick between my bum cheeks, and started to grind against it. I loved feeling that dick between my cheeks, I was starting to feel more submissive, being more girly, my mind was already telling me to be as submissive as possible, as girly as I can…let him do whatever his mind wanted with me. The guy without loosing more time, he started to poke against my little star that was hiding between my bum cheeks to which my body decided to press against it , it was something I did on my own, like an instinct, like a female wanting to be bred by his strong male. The guy pressed against it harder and once he felt he was in, he started to hump my star, slowly burying that dick in me, each time going harder and harder, it was a little painful at first, but I knew this was going. It was my first time dressed in public like this. He was an average looking man, he shook my hand and kissed my cheek, and asked if I was ready. I affirmed, and then he led me to the park in the city. I noticed he had a small bag with him. He opened it and took out several pieces of rope. 'You know what we agreed', he said. 'Yes, I understand,' I nervously replied. I had signed up for an evening of public humiliation at his hands. He led me to a tree which was near enough to the main street. 'Hands over your head', he ordered, and then tied them to a branch above my head, stretching my body out. 'Alright, let's see what you've got, let's see what you can withstand,' he said. He pulled out another piece of rope and began to whip my ass. Even through my clothes it stung. I let out some gasps with each hit. It was a quite time of evening so no one noticed. After several whips he stopped and produced a knife from his pocket. 'Let's take a look at your little body', he said, and cut my.
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