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The summer was spent trading with the unpleasant Bulgars. They would bring cabbages, onions, and other vegetables. They would bring freshly butchered meat—both wild and domestic. They would bring fowl of every kind. The Rus treated these items of little importance but in truth we needed the food. However, their strategy would often get them enough food to feed our entire community for many days for only one slave boy. Although the Bulgars asked for slave girls only slave boys were traded.The Rus asked for furs and the Bulgars would bring a few which the Rus would reject as not worthy for trade. The Rus would ask for metal—copper, silver, gold, and iron. The Bulgars claimed they had none. It seemed for a while that nothing was treaded. Then one day four Bulgars came into the Rus camp carrying heavy leather bags. The Jarl Rus spoke with them and called out to the horn blower. When we slaves heard the horn we knew to assemble in the newest great house.Several Rus men came. She also suggested I look a little closer at some of thewomen's magazines I keep around my home. How did she know I did that? Duh!Anyway, I did watch. Sometime the women wore different colored panties,but most of the time, the bra was white, beige, or black, and of coursethese were appropriate. Never did I see any woman wearing a nylon briefwith a cotton bra.One thing that helped me out a lot was finding some panty advertisementsshowing the girl in a bra that didn't coordinate perfectly. It's okay! Isaid to myself over and over, asking myself if I was comfortable and did Ifeel good about myself? I answered over and over again, looking at myselfin the mirror that I did feel pretty and you know, pink and purple do kindof work well together.Put on a skirt or leotard so you don't notice, another advised me. What,hide the fact? Women do that all the time, was the response. Most womenwear foundation undies to help get their bodies shaped as womanly aspossible. A panty girdle isn't the.
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