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Due to work I used to go to the other office, and started speaking to her on general topics. Before that i was not much interested in her, but slowly i got attracted to her, after seeing her huge and fat ass, and big boobs. Slowly we started chatting through internal chat window, and on internal extension. We became so close friends that we used to share everything with one another. One day, we had fight and I did not go to office, due to my health issue, and was not speaking to her, due to the fight. When I resumed the office after 2 days, I received a call from her on my extension, saying that she is extremely sorry about that day, and she started developing feelings for me.In the starting, I thought that she might be joking, but later i came to know that she was serious. Then we started talking on the phone in the late nights, and she also, told me that she had slept with her ex-bf before, and they had wild sex with each other. I was aroused by hearing that, and i masturbated. What I write is pure fantasy.(Mindy) What question do you have for your readers?(Raven) Hmmm.(Mindy) Or make that fans instead.(Raven) What would you prefer me to write? Serious or light? Sex or implied sex or no sex?(Mindy) I really liked the first "Ye Old Body Shoppe" and "Candy Monroe" but I'm really wrapped up in "Wayfarer".(Raven) I like "Wayfarer" a lot. That story is meant to be romantic.(sue) I think a light touch at times, with implied sex, so that the reader's imagination can fill in the pieces, can be an interesting "write".(Raven) I'd like to know what pushes my readers buttons.(Mindy) This is our first attempt to do this, we are open to suggestions after the first session is finished.(Raven) If I could only spell!(Jenny) If you couldn't finish a story, would you send it to Fictionmania for the subscribers to finish?(Raven) I would if they would like to finish it.Missing in Action: My computer froze and I had to reboot. Back to the action!(Mindy) Anne-Mal.
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