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Having gotten a little drunk on the wine, I found myself staring at her tits. It didn’t take long for Vedanti to notice my interest in her breasts. Usually a non-stop talker, she had grown quiet.Vedanti was one to talk about her sexual adventures freely and often. She worked in a hair salon and had bleached black hair and wore clothes that showed off her plump figure. She liked to wear things that were tight, short and very low cut. She had large breasts that she was very proud of.. And liked to show them off whenever it was possible. If she noticed she was embarrassing me or making me uncomfortable with her sex talk, she would get louder and go into more detail. Anyway, that first afternoon, after noticing my interest, Vedanti got up out of her chair and headed towards the back door to the house. Before going inside, she looked back at me and called for me to come inside too. I followed after her and was shocked when I walked into the kitchen and found she had removed the top to her. "Leave her alone!" I yelled as I was restrained by two men.The door to the small room flew opened and in walked Prince Nasim, AKA The Sultan of Nepal. It was him! He had found me! "My dear wife, at last, I have you again," he grinned. I cursed him, "What do you want with us you filthy pig?! You and your men are disgusting pigs! We are nuns! This is a temple! Please show respect!" The Sultan laughed. "Nun? That's great! I can't wait to strip you off your nun-hood just like I will strip you of your maidenhood!" Hold the record. "I'm....not a virgin," I told him. He shook his head. "The men you've had before are all meaningless! With one thrust, I shall write over your entire sexual history with the only cock that matters!" He removed his bottoms to reveal a huge cock that pointed forward at me. Oh my God, he was right. That thing was so huge! If he was to be successful in getting that *thing* in me he will basically make every dick that's even been inside me.
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