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"Janie, you look absolutely gorgeous!" Th... this is like a fairy tale. I think I'm dreaming! Just don't ever wake me up, OK?" I wouldn't think of it, Beautiful. Dream on."Conversation was almost non-existent as they rode to the theater and were escorted to their fifth-row seats. Alex just let her absorb the experience. During the performance, he took her hand, and she didn't let go until intermission.After the performance, she began gushing about how beautiful it was and how much she enjoyed it, but he told her they were not done yet. They went around the stage and he handed a note to the backstage guard. Alex waited outside the dressing room door while an attendant took Janie to meet the ballerina. He didn't even try to make her talk when she emerged.In the limo, he finally asked her if she was hungry. "I... I don't know. But I don't want this to end!" The restaurant was elegant and filled with theater-goers. Strolling musicians stopped and played at their table. They danced. They. Then I felt another person get on the bed and more hands started touching my chest again I could feel strong hands they felt slightly smaller than the other guy but they were male hands.I felt him run his hands over my breasts and my hard nipples were still pushing to be released when whoever it was reached under me and skilfully undid the clasp on my bra and removed it, freeing my breasts and by now my nipples were as sensitive as I’d ever felt them.I was lying naked on a bed with my legs open to a room full of strangers while two men and a woman were soothing my body and setting it a light, I knew the minute someone felt my pussy or nipples I would probably cum it was that intense.I felt the guy by my legs move his hand up between my legs, his fingers worked deftly around my pussy over my swollen mound and traced around my wet pussy lips. I opened my legs further inviting him to finger me, at the same time the guy by my tits worked his fingers around one of my nipples, then I felt.
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