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'' I told her. I couldn't see her eyes through the damn glasses she was wearing, but she shifted a little, ''It's hot,'' she complained. She pulled at the dressing gown and opened it, pyjama bottoms and slippers were all that she wearing, as her breasts were on full display. She then closed the gown and rolled back onto her side, as the sound of my sisters on the stairs was heard.Angel appeared tat the doorway wearing a pair of jogging bottoms and a vest top underneath a hooded jacket. Her wet hair was tied back in a scruffy bun and there was no make up, she looked perfect. She flashed me a look as if to ask if Emma was okay, I nodded in reply whilst rolling my eyes. Jess then came back into the kitchen and saw Angel in the lounge.''Right, lets go then.'' she said. Angel went out to the kitchen and grabbed the envelope of money along with her passport just in case.''Have fun,'' Angel said as her and Jess left. I glanced down at Emma before returning to the kitchen to finish my. ’ He looked at me and said, ‘She killed herself with our daughter’s bathrobe sash. She hung herself in Sasha’s bathroom with her robe. Maria left a note saying the she couldn’t handle living without her and that I wasn’t enough to keep her going.’ He started to cry and I pulled him close and held him. ‘Why couldn’t I be enough? Why do I have to lose everyone I love? First my daughter and only child, now my wife takes her own life. I have no parents or brothers or sisters. I am all alone now.’ He stuttered in between sobs. I held him closer and let him cry. I started to cry silently. ‘I know the feeling. I have no family and my sister was the only one left, besides my mother who died while my sister was going through treatment. It’s okay hun. You should have been more than enough for her. But she made the choice to end it. Don’t let yourself feel guilty because you couldn’t give her your daughter back. I know that if you could you would have. You loved her just as much, if not more.
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