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I’ve laid a towel on the bed, and I climb up to it. Laying back, I smile. But you have a game in mind, not just a simple shave. You walk to the headboard and stretch my left arm up, tying it to the post, and then walk around the bed, doing the same with my right wrist. I gaze at you, not sure why, but I trust you, and you know my body so well. You lift a pillow and direct me to raise my hips, Placing the pillow under me, tilting my pelvis up. Taking my left leg, you stretch it out, then bend up my knee and secure a band behind my knee, angling it to the head of the bed as well, and repeat the process with my right leg. My body quivers in anticipation, my legs are bent up, sprawled and help open by the ties. You chuckle, I am helpless before you. Your fingers dip into my pussy, knowing I’ll be wet and you glide them up and down my slit, watching as my breath hitches and my eyes glaze over. You slide your hand up, and pinch my nipples, tearing a gasp from my parted lips. Your other. Ashudder went through my spine, and reminded me to stay positive.I curtseyed as I entered the living room. "How may I be of serviceladies?" I joyfully asked the girls, masking my true emotions. "Nothingright now Jane dear," smiled Trish, "we have a treat for you!" She walkedpast me, heading out to her room. "We need you to put on some regularclothes though Jane, Alicia's laid out an outfit on your bed. We aregoing to go get ready too," said Kristi.I headed upstairs and saw what I was to wear. It was a simple pinkminiskirt and black top, but the kind of barbie pink that was all girl.There was a matching black pair of heels as well as some pink lipstickthat I had to apply. It went with my other make up well and matched theskirt. I met the girls downstairs and they were all dressed to head outshopping."May I ask what's going on?" I timidly asked. "We are treating you to atrip to the salon!" squealed Alicia. "Now that you are going all girl allthe time we are going to give you the works,.
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