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So we stopped and drove a bit so his hardon could subside, my mom and i were going to be travelling in and staying at the preistery with him, because i had dancing in town the whole weekend, which meant we could carry on the next night. We drove home to my place and acted like nothing had happened at all.The Next morning i couldnt get my self ready quick enough i was so excited at what was going to happen, i made sure i packed condoms because if we were to have sex, i couldnt risk a pregnancy especially with a priest, so anyways we arrived at his place around supper time after a day of shoppingwith mum, and had supper with him. Mum and I had got some dvds to watch so we spent a few hours watching them, before long Mum decided she was tired and went to bed (which by the way was upstairs, and i was sleeping downstairs, so was mike in a different room.) when mum gone upstairs i told mike that i would be back in a few minutes, and went and slipped into my jammies, grabbed a condom and. I replied “Yes”.Hearing this he put one hand under the skirt and started rubbing my pussy over the panties, while his other hand went under my blouse and went upwards towards my boobs.It all sounded like a scene straight out of from a porn but it actually did happen like that and well one thing led to the next and I was being pumped full from behind. Let me tell you. That the feeling of his hard rod stretching my pussy walls was amazing. I could feel his balls hitting my pelvis area above my clit as he thrusted and his hand rubbing and squeezing my breasts. He pounded me over the washing machine and I bet the sound of flesh on flesh could be heard to our neighbors also. I enjoyed his cock as started moaning loudly… “AAAaaa ….. AAAAaa …. AAaaamaa ..!!!” ,and a could feel his breath on my neck as he was giving me his all. He was having an amazing birthday fuck and I wasn’t minding the drilling myself.After sometime I could feel him slowing down and about to cum inside and remembered he.
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