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. hard embarrassing problem though!"That's it. Just stand there and ermm... point your...self in my direction."This stiffy was not going to go away! That's when I awkwardly tried to make conversation and take the attention off it. Why did I say what I said? I don't know... It was cringeworthy!The silence in the room was killing me!"Just looking at your bushy muff there... Sandy" I started. "It's nice." Oh, you like it? Thanks Tom." she replied. "Must say, I'm surprised though. I didn't think boys your age were in to pubic hair. I just keep it long and thick like this for the artistic effect in drawings."Then my conversational skills worsened even further..."Yeah, so dense it's hard to believe you've got pussy lips and a vagina hiding in there!" I said, surprised at my own stupidity. "I've seen diagrams and stuff when I was at sch..." I stopped in my tracks. I'd said too much."Are you a virgin, Tom?" Sandy asked, sounding almost shocked."Umm n... yeah. I am." I answered ashamedly. . I noticed his eyes becoming misty with the recollection. ‘I intended marrying her and bringing her back to England then your father returned and I introduced him to her and she fell for him in an instant. He brought her back and married her and the rest as they say…’ ‘So how did you…’ ‘We slept together before she even knew your father, in fact she was a virgin, just like you, eager and in love, or so she thought and we made plans but when she met him it was all over.’ Suddenly a veil lifted. ‘Oh god,’ I squeaked. ‘She’s the one you talked about, the woman of your dreams. Oh Theo that’s really sad.’ I suddenly felt like crying but he reached out and held me. ‘Like I said earlier,’ he husked. ‘Your mum is very happy, she is in love and not with me. Yes I did love her, in fact I still do but in a very different way. She would never, and I repeat, never go with another man, your father is her one and only true love and I am very happy for them both.’ ‘You took mum’s virginity?’ He.
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