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Mike got on his knees and wrapped his hands around Dave’s cock, then looked into the camera and said, "My name is Mike Jones, and I am now going to suck this huge cock willingly.”Dave winced as Mike said this, looking down at his best friend. He couldn’t believe Mike was going to suck his cock.“This has better be worth it!” Dave thought as he switched his view from Dave to the naked Mary bending down in her stockings, holding the camera. It was quite a view and kept him hard.Mike started slowly by licking around the head and pretending to be apprehensive. Still, after a short while, he started sucking with gusto. He rolled Dave’s balls through his hands, and he sucked deeper and deeper on Dave's shaft.“Fuck, Mike is a good cocksucker!” Dave thought. Dave was fairly close to coming from Mary’s mouth, so it only took another ten minutes of Mike’s constant sucking to bring Dave close to the edge.“Oh my fucking god, this is hot!” Mary thought, looking at the scene. She adjusted the zoom. "I was just ... thinking that I almost turned down your offer to come here and recuperate. I don't know why --" she broke off and looked away from him, but her hand slipped into his again and pressed."I understand," he said, folding his arms around her again, and letting her hair wisp against his lips as he murmured. "I do. I've been there ... to survive the horrible day-to-day -- yes, I do know, l--" he stopped, just short of saying what he had dreamed, afraid, of saying. He felt her cheek pressed against his chest, and wondered if she could hear his heart pounding as loud as it seemed to pound to him each time he looked at her. "I do know," he said, softly. "You have to wall out the hopes that things could ever be better. Because if you didn't, the longing could tear you apart."She nodded against his chest. "Oh, Scott," was all she said, and her fingers kneaded the flesh of his sides as she let out a long sigh that trembled just a little. He shut his eyes tight, because if he.
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