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Just leave it all behind and stay here with you and him. I’m so frightened Lena, frightened that it will all go wrong and I’ll lose him again.’ Now she started to cry softly so I cuddled her. ‘It won’t Gianna honestly. I won’t let it happen so with two of us not letting it happen it can’t can it. Shush now before he notices. We’ll talk to him about it on the way home. Don’t worry, he’ll agree,’ I ended smiling, ‘he loves me as well you know.’ She smiled back and then kissed me. A full, sensual and sexy kiss that sort of cemented us together in our love for him. ‘I think I love you as well,’ she said smiling, ‘you are so lovable.’ That meant I had to kiss her back. This kiss was funny. It was all my feelings mixed up together, some sexual, some familial. It was nice! For the rest of the journey we just chatted. I desperately wanted to make plans for us both with Mike but I felt that Gianna wasn’t ready for that because of her worries about how Silvio would react. So we talked about. The picture dissolved again to Angie Dennison. "Abduction, kidnapping, white slavery. Whatever you call it, these girls will have a whole new life." The picture returned to the auction room.The girls were back on their stools, dressed quite differently, still wearing their collars and tags but now all gagged. The voice spoke again. "Girls, now you have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills for your potential new owners. Number 323, please."A woman wearing a smart business suit, hat and gloves, stepped forward."Now, 323, you told us you were the sales manager for a packaging company. You also claimed you were used to using your charms on both your customers and your colleagues. Perhaps you can demonstrate that to us now?"Music started and the girl looked straight into the camera. She struck a pose, hands on hips, head back. As the beat of the music picked up she began a sensuous striptease. Peeling her gloves off with the assistance of her teeth, she unbuttoned her jacket and.
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