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I really appreciate it.”We walked back to the car and found Stephanie and Bethany leaning against the hood, waiting for us. We got in the car and I told the girls we were going to make a stop at the deli so I could talk to Andreas about maybe hiring Ed. I saw Stephanie’s face light up and Bethany had a knowing smirk on hers. Poor Ed had no idea that the three of us knew way more than he did about the relationships in the car. But there was really no way to tell him.At the deli, Ed and I went inside and Andreas invited us into his office.“Andreas, I want you to meet Ed. He’s my little sister’s boyfriend. I think he’d make a great employee.”“Well, I will need someone in September, as always. If he can work Saturdays and some Sundays, then sure. Let me talk to him alone a bit. Go get a Coke for you and your girls and I’ll talk to you afterwards.”I grabbed three Cokes from the cooler and went outside to the table where Bethany and Stephanie were.“Big brother, I love you!” she said when I. Maria turned to her desk and opened the big bag she had brought in with her, and as she turned I was naturally scoping out her tits as they tightened under her starched white blouse. She had a nice set from what I could see.As she leaned over to look inside her bag as she rummaged through it, her blouse opened above the top button and I could see the top of her white low cut frilly bra and the swell of her tit also. Wow, her skin was so tanned and smooth on her chest.“Rick,” she said as she turned back to face me. “You’re going to learn two thing from me this year, if you learn nothing else, one is to keep your mind on what you are doing and the other is, when we are in the car keep your eyes on the road.” She said and I thought there may have been a quick smile, but it happened so fast, now I wasn’t sure.The room was filling with kids wanting to sign up and as soon I was signed up and I got my packet I left, with one last look back at Ms. Maria. I wasn’t sure if she was looking at.
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