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The loaf of bread given to me by the nuns on my departure from the hospital had been meant to last the two day journey, but I had given half of it to a beggar girl in the city. I could not account for the other half, but I assumed it had fallen from the pocket of my coat on the long walk to the train. ‘Come, I’ll buy you something in the dining parlor.’ I protested, embarrassed that I appeared so frail to a stranger. He did not press me, and I was grateful when he returned to his seat. I could feel color in my cheeks, and I was determined not to engage with him again. The train began to groan and rumble away from the platform. I closed my eyes and wondered if he would disembark at the next station, or whether he would be my companion for the duration of my journey. We sat in silence for the next few hours. The sun had set, and the dusky light that filled the compartment put me at ease. Slowly, I let myself pass from consciousness. … When I awoke, I was warm and comfortable. For a. I ordered Claire to stay on all fours and lift her head up. She looked so stupid, crouching there, her dirty face upraised, the whites of her eyes standing out in the midst of all the filth. Slowly, deliberately, I unzipped my fly and eased my engorged penis out of my pants. Smiling, I pointed it at Claire's face and began to piss on her.A steady yellow stream of piss flooded over Claire's face. Claire closed her eyes as the urine poured over her, hitting her forehead, gushing over the bridge of her nose, down her cheeks, washing away the layers of sticky mud. Steam rose from Claire's face as the hot piss hit the cold night air. I directed the stream of piss so that it washed over all areas of her face - her cheeks, her mouth, her hair.Soon I was spent and shaking the last drops of urine out, tucked my cock back into my pants and zipped up. Claire's face was now smeared with a mixture of dirt and piss. Droplets of pee tricked off her chin and nose. "T … thank you, sir," she.
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