" Thank you Daniel. I'm quite capable of answering for myself. Thankyou, that would be nice. But. Somewhere cheaper, I would feel much morecomfortable." It's a date."Chapter NineteenThe week again was busy. I was looking forward to our date; I felt therelationship was going somewhere. Saturday, Daniel came up to thehouse, changed clothes and did some homework on the computer.Six o'clock that night, I again knocked on the door, Laura opened it inthe same dress as our last date. We both laughed, I was wearing thesame clothes as well."I'm sorry, I have only one good dress." she apologized."That's okay. I have more female clothing than male clothing. Jeans andT-shirt are passable attire in my industry."We said goodbye to Danielle, well he looked like Danielle. I drove forten minutes and then turned in to a McDonalds, "A happy meal each?"Laura looked at me quizzically; "You wanted cheaper." after a circuitof the car park, "Just kidding." I asked for that." Laura giggled.I drove to a little. I said, "Yes," and he spanked me again and asked if I loved sex. I said, "Yes," and again he spanked me. He put two fingers inside me and said, "It looks like somebody is turned on." He spanked me again, this time harder, and I cried out. He said, “You want me to fuck you, don't you?” and his hand came down again. I cried out, “Yes, I want you to fuck me.” He ordered me to take my dress off and proceed to the bedroom. When we got there, he, too, undressed. His uncut cock was average in size, but beautiful. He didn't hesitate to feed me his cock. He told me that he knew I wanted to suck it the minute I mentioned that he must get it done a lot. He said he’d been watching for me and my dogs and that he had wanted to fuck me since the first time our dogs played together. As I slobbered on his cock, he began to grope me. He lifted me up and we moved to his bed. He then began to go down on me in an upside down 69 so I could keep his hard cock in my mouth as he fingered and licked me. He.
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