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I'd found a trunk ofold 50's clothes in the attic my grandmother used to wear, all neatlypressed and put away like a sort of fashion time capsule. And for someonelike me it proved to be too great a temptation. Over time and withpractice I got to be quite convincing at least to myself. I had alwaysbeen small and slightly built and found that the clothes in that trunk inthe attic, apart from my needing a few more curves here and there fit mealmost perfectly! So thinking I was totally alone that one afternoonthere I was, mincing and swishing around the house dressed from head totoe and from the skin out in clothes from that seemingly magical trunk inthe attic. The shiny swishy taffeta and rayon dresses, the seamed nylonsand the lacy nylon and satin lingerie had the total, delicious desiredeffect as I felt the soft frictionless lingerie against my skin as theswishy dress floated around me while I minced and wiggled on the one pairof black patent leather high heeled pumps I managed to. I remember. Don't worry. We'll do it here. Lay down."We were in the shed! It wasn't private. What if someone walked by the alley-side windows? What if her mother came out? However, I was too much of a buttface wimp to argue and I was soon on my back on the dusty floor.She pulled her shorts off and revealed thin bikini panties with quarter-sized black polka dots. She squatted over me and then sat on my chest. She moved back slowly and with familiar expertise, Tori Rollins sat on my face---again! Mmmmmm. Yes, THE Tori Rollins!She sat for a longer time than usual and she smelled soooooo good. After a solid butt-grinding, my face had a beautiful perfume that would come in “handy” later that night.Another memorable time came just after midnight in the month of May. She had come home from a date and asked me to come over. Despite my jealousy, I succumbed to her invitation and then to her notion of facesitting.Her soft buttocks pressed to my cheeks in her bedroom which was nearly dark. She.
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