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I'll remember that when the next assignment comes up." Anything special I should be looking for, Chief?" he asked."I'm getting some bad vibes from the lists and how the Christmas Spirit is being doled out," she said after a slight pause. "Nothing specific just a feeling but when you've been at this as long as I have, you learn to go with your feelings. Don't worry too much about the financials for now. I already know that idiot Cringle has them so hosed up I'm not sure even the Big Guy could figure them out. I'm going to send a special team in there after the first of the year to give the accounts a proctologic look over. I'm not one to second guess but if it'd been me I'd have looked for someone with a little more managerial skill and a little less of the fat and jolly."But that's not my call, nor our problem," she continued. "Dig into those lists and give them the once over. If you find anything, give me a call." Will do, Chief; Hurwitz out," David sighed as he hit the disconnect. Only one manstood between him and either death or life in prison.With everything that had occurred, in the back rooms of the policestation, the time in jail -- he'd been denied bail -- the pretrialwork, and finally the trial, he'd almost forgotten the horror of hisgirlfriend's rape and murder.In jail, he'd been beaten up often by four or five inmates at once.He'd fought back hard, and gave as good as he could, but one againstfive was hopeless. Of course, the guards were not nearby or in hearingrange.The time he'd filed a complaint with the warden, he learned his lessonwell: one did not tattle-tale. He was stabbed in the back afterwardsin addition to being beaten up, and was sent to the medical ward. Theytreated his injuries, but accused him of injuring himself so that hedidn't have stay in the ordinary jail. He was never able to get themto flat-out accuse him of stabbing himself in the back, but that didn'tstop them from accusing him of causing his own injuries.He did blame.
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