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He got the cross because he went back to the Humvee and got a radio he had and to call for help.’ ‘While he was in the Humvee, he spotted an ambush being set up to attack the patrol that was coming after us. He warned them and then he started shooting at them with a handgun. They returned fire, and pinned him down inside the Humvee. Because of this, the rescue patrol was able to locate the ambush and attacked it.’ ‘He also shot the man with the rocket launcher that had first attacked us. Some time after that, he lost consciousness because of how much blood he’d lost. That’s why he almost died when we were ambushed and that’s why he got three medals for it. ‘He also got two Purple Hearts for it I didn’t find out about his going back until later. I passed out right after he got me to safety.’ ‘The Navy gave him the cross for saving all of my team and the patrol. If he hadn’t gone back, they would have been ambushed and at least some if not all would have been killed. The general who. “Elsie.” I tried several times to say his name, but his words were simply too hard for me to form. Patiently, he repeated it again and again, but to no avail. Then he smiled and pulled an elk hide from his bed roll. It was a rusty red in color and he pointed at it, repeating the words "Ma ȟ p í ya S á pa.” In a moment, understanding dawned and I smiled brightly. "You are Red Elk! And I’m Elsie.” I smiled and a wide and happy grin appeared on his weathered face. “Red Elk... Elsie,” he said again, seemingly tasting the names together, just as I had done a moment before. Next, I had to find a way to ask him where I could bathe. I had no idea how to go about asking him. Instead, I reluctantly let go of his hand and went seeking for a nearby pond or a river myself. I knew that with no husband or family to lean on, I would have to depend on my own wits. Leaving my stuff behind, I wandered around, not wanting to go too far away from camp. Red Elk watched me leave, but said nothing as I.
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