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My name is Roger English. I went through high school with Kimberley (Kim) Graceson being a year behind me. We dated a few times, but I knew I was headed to the Army, so I kept it light. Kim was more interested in going on dates than who it was she was dating and developed a sordid reputation. By the time I graduated, Kim had used up all the senior class and a lot of the junior class boys.After graduation, I spent two weeks just vegging out before I was to start basic training. I had a four-year commitment and was going to learn a skill. I didn’t know what skill, but a skill. I was lucky, I was not a victim of the typical U. S. Army gotcha, I was taught medical equipment repair and electronics. Then I got a small but good gotcha, I was sent to the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center and was taught Spanish. I liked it so much that I signed on for two more years and went back and learned Mandarin.I was on assignment in Germany, when a NATO base in Spain had a problem that. New to this area, I had asked around and heard that this dentist, specializing in removing problem teeth had an excellent touch, and would even use the new “twilight” pills if the patient wanted them. So I called and booked an appointment, luckily there was an opening late that afternoon, and drove to the office for the necessary paperwork and exam. As I walked into the office, built in a remodeled home, I found it very cozy and friendly feeling, which eased my nervousness a bit. Across from the door was a desk nestled neatly into the opening of what was once the kitchen, I guessed. Being a student of architecture, I was sure of it. Seated at the desk I saw a lovely young, about 25 or so, woman. She had a beautiful smile, but go figure, it is a dentist’s office, but her smile was more than just pearly white teeth, it seemed sincerely friendly and warm, my tensions eased a bit more as I crossed to introduce myself and noticed that she was more than a smile, she was.
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