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“That can be rolled over into a plenary one, once the idiot is aware enough to be served.”“Good to know you actually paid attention in law school,” she teased.“Ah, you know me,” he told her with a big smile and arms outstretched, “492nd in my class.”“I think you mean fourth, you goof,” she answered back, with a grin of her own.Grant found her playfulness curious but left it alone for the moment. Instead, he settled his large frame into a chair just opposite her at the corner of the table. Leaning in, he rested his chin on his hands with his eyes fixed on her. “So who did Blake recommend for Sarah?”“A lawyer out of Decatur, Franklin Gibbs,” she responded, looking down to check her notes. “He’s already talked to her by phone on the way to the hospital, and will come down and meet with her on Monday – which means she’ll have to stick around a little longer than she intended.”“That won’t be a problem as far as work is concerned,” Grant dismissed, shaking his head. “Lanci has no interest. This was how they got the name given to them by the general community, 'Ehge Ki'Yguru' translating roughly into 'Shady Little Voyuers'.Dr Sarah Jane Gudhinter intended to make the Ki'Yguru the focus of her thesis on uncontacted indiginous peoples. She had left Canada mere weeks before, determined to spend her six month sabatical in attempting to contact the tribe, half her time had already been spent arranging the funding for the trip. Now she was here, independantly in the field (deepest Africa), and tomorrow they would begin searching for the Ki'Yguru in earnest. She sighed wistfully. Feeling ready to sleep, she eased herself up, said good-night to Mkwambe and the others, and went to bed dreaming of the respect her peers would attribute her if she succeded. She was only twenty one, a prodigy no less- but with alot to prove.Mkwambe's eyes followed the woman reluctantly as she left, he was a married man with seven k**s and faithfull to his wife, but it was difficult not to look..
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