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Sandi took Mary over to her house and they selected about ten outfits for Mary to wear at work and on those occasions out.Shoes were another thing, but having to buy only a few outfits made more money available for upscale shoes. Sandi knew which matched the clothes already so taking a couple items to the shoe store made it relatively simple ... Mary not being too particular for her own taste. Not that it mattered anyway, she had no choice in the end.Next to the lingerie shop, mildly sexy bras and panties for work, some radical stuff for play and outings. Plus appropriate nylons and garter belts ... pantyhose being ruled out!Then to the salon for hair, eyes and manicure.When they walked back in the door I let out a low whistle."Wow Mary, you look great!" Thank you, Jake" she colored a little."Now ... take it all off." Yes, Jake"We made Mary walk around the house naked -with the exception that she had to wear medium heel pumps- when we were alone, this was just part of the plan; but. If they already know how to fight, that’s good, but the willingness to fight is more important. We will train them to fight and give them the tools to fight with. They may never have to fight, and I hope they won’t, but if they aren’t willing to protect their family and what’s theirs then I don’t want them.Second, they need to understand that they probably won’t be farming for at least the first twelve to eighteen months they work for us. They will be building their houses, hauling stone, building levees, dams, and fences.Third, they need to understand they will be paid twelve dollars a month in wages, whether they are farming or doing other work. They will be paid that wage whether we have a bumper crop, or complete crop failure. In addition to that wage, they will own their house after working for us for twenty years; with the understanding that if they sell, they must sell it back to us, at a price comparable to what the same sized house and land in Las Cruces sells for. The only.
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