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”I smiled to myself. I bet she does.I finished my homework and set out for the Johnson house. I knew Kelly had gone away for the weekend. I bet her mum sent her there so we could have another threesome. I didn’t mind, I like the last time.I arrived outside the Johnson house and looked around to see if anyone was about. I rang the bell and it didn’t take long for the door to open. Mrs Johnson stood there and beckoned me in, she looked amazing. She wore a black sheer chemise with no underwear, her full breasts and her crotch were clearly visible. It was like a sheer mini dress and left nothing to the imagination.She took me by the hand and led me into the kitchen. She handed me a glass of fizzy liquid, I presume it was Champaign. She sat me down on one of the kitchen chairs and walked out the room. She returned a minute later holding a bag and told me to undress. I stripped off naked, feeling the cold air caress my body, making my nipples hard.She pulled some lingerie out the bag and. (haaaas it was big relive), then she asked me do you really like me or you just said it because i know you are drunk to. I told her I was drunk that’s why I got courage and I told you the truth and after drink usually people don’t lie she said Chal ab filmiy diglous bandh kar and laugh. she came near me hold my hand give me kiss on cheek, I grab her whole body against mine said .I love you aunty and give her kiss on her lips our both lips was explore each other mouth, and I was moving my hand all over her back. i got so tight, she also grab me tight, i kiss her on her neck, under neat ears. she got excited and move her hand and hold my face and give me kiss on lips and separated. we both were holding each other for about 10 minute. i grab her hand pull her into my arms again and she said your parent will be here any time and k**s are home aloneI should leave now. I said I would like to meet you somewhere, where we both can enjoy our self she was like Kyun kaya karene ka irada hai, I.
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