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Today was hot outside, so hot my window air conditioners were lagging behind, leaving the house a little warm. This prompted my gf to take of her pants and bra off as she lounged on the living room couch for a cat nap. she sleeps heavy.. a college girl by day, a waitress at nite..she usually sleeps hard and today was no exception. It had been an hour of lightly snoring when I noticed she finally fell into a deep sleep - zero noise, zero movement and zero waking her short of lots of noise and shaking her. She'd sleep all day if I let her. Shortly after I knew she was out, I began stirring up a dirty theme to go crank myself out a nut while she was passed out so that I could again focus on the days tasks. Right about then I noticed how cute my gf actually is when she's not a bitch..and that her provocative "on-her-back-legs-wide-open-with feet together and-drawn-up-knees" napping position were quickly getting my dick's attention. I removed my shorts and slid over to the couch to. "That makes sense. Thank you. I'll make certain everyone is safe here then. Do you think there might be any reason to expect trouble here tonight then?" No; but caution is always in order," Dale replied as Fang led the four women he had chosen over to the two men.Rob hadn't seen Fang until that moment. "It's good to know that you'll be going with them Fang," he said."And it's good to know that you'll be here protecting the others," the wolf replied with a nod of its head.Dale had been conversing with Vyagar using the crystal and had made extensive plans in just a short period of time all the while marveling at the speed the crystal allowed communications to occur at. Now Rob saw Dale pull his wand out of midair. As Dale waved the wand at the group of women Rob heard him say "vestis" and suddenly all of the women were covered from head to toe in the costume of the fabled Ninja. Each had an assortment of weapons. Next he saw Dale point his wand at each of the women as he said "pupugi".
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