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I cheesed, and got up off the table. I came to them, and kissed them both. Then I slowly got onto my knees, and slid down my girlfriend's panties. This was all too hot, and all three of us were at emotional highs. As Roxanne was completely naked, I stood up. I saw a mother, making out with her daughter, and that was a sight to see. Their boobs pressed together, and I just stood there. I watched them both closely, and eventually, Roxanne pulled me close to them. Then, all three sets of boobs were touching."Maybe when you get pregnant, then you'll have c-cup boobs," Roxanne mentioned to Sofie.Sofie put her hands underneath her tits, and held them up. She was moving them around a bit, playing with them, and making us hornier by the second. As we just couldn't control ourselves, Roxanne and I leaned down towards Sofie's tits. We both began licking her nipples, and she bolted out the moans."Oh, my. This is new, this is really new, and kinky," Sofie let out.We both heard her inhaling, and. Theregulars knew everything about me, but there were always a good amountof new people at any given show, and it usually took awhile for some ofthem to catch on. My singing voice was fairly androgynous and not aquick giveaway, especially when I was doing blues, but even if theyweren't reading me physically the lyrics were like nothing they'd everheard before and I doubt they'd ever seen anyone playing the bluesdressed as I was. The final verse came up and I finished the song."So, Sit down baby, and take off your coatSit down baby, and take off your coatI need to have my mouth fuckedAnd feel your cum slide down my throat"As my last note faded out, the room was silent for a moment, and thenthe regular crowd applauded but many of the first timers looked moreconfused than before and a couple of the women, though there weren'tmany, actually looked embarrassed. But that was nothing new.***Prologue: I'd always been crazy about the blues, since I'd heard an oldElmore James recording of 'Dust.
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