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I sat back, folded the letter and put it back into his pocket. All reservations gone, I asked him if we could take the day off tomorrow so that we could go out to the small hill station just outside the city. He agreed, and the next day we took off on his bike, riding the 50 kilometers to the base of the hill. It was a lush verdant green-space, and we parked his bike at one of the small shops there. We hired a climbing rope and gear from the shop, and set off, wanting to climb the hill cross-country and do some rock-climbing along the way. The narrow path meant we had to walk in single file, he carried the rope across his shoulder and chest and most of the gear in his backpack while I brought up the rear with the lighter gear in my backpack along with a bottle of water and another of fresh fruit juice. We’d done this route before, and headed up to a spot where a large rock stuck out of the hillside with a flat top. It would be nice to spend time on the flat top. We reached the base. It put him, after only a little bit of time, simply out of it.She didn’t say anything but let him go and slip into a fairly deep sleep in just a little bit.She got up then and helped him to his feet. She realized quickly that he was that tired that he didn’t really awaken at all but only shuffled along with her guiding him.She said to herself then: “Well, Jennie, girl, go ahead and live a little. Time is passing you by with this gorgeous man.”She drew him, along with herself, into her bedroom and supervised his fairly automatic removal of his clothing. She didn’t want to go rooting around for bed clothes and liked the look of him naked.“Very nice!” she said to herself. “Treat for our Jennie.”Then, with him deposited in bed on one side, she removed her own clothing and got into the other side.She thought for only a few moments and again spoke to herself about enjoying the situation.She realized that he was deeply out of it, and she slowly slipped the bed covers down and off of him. In.
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