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No objection was raised, but they pointed out the asylum, which was situated at the upper end of the Rue d'Enfer, and after having taken the precaution of cutting the linen in two pieces, so that one of the two letters which marked it was on the piece wrapped around the child, while the other remained in my possession, I rang the bell, and fled with all speed. A fortnight after I was at Rogliano, and I said to Assunta, --'Console thyself, sister; Israel is dead, but he is avenged.' She demanded what I meant, and when I had told her all, --'Giovanni, ' said she, 'you should have brought this child with you; we would have replaced the parents it has lost, have called it Benedetto, and then, in consequence of this good action, God would have blessed us.' In reply I gave her the half of the linen I had kept in order to reclaim him if we became rich." What letters were marked on the linen?" said Monte Cristo."An H and an N, surmounted by a baron's coronet." By heaven, M. Bertuccio, you. Suddenly I made her saree down and her naked hard plump butt came out and hit my face. I could not control her sexy butt, it made me very mad. I began to bite her butt cheeks hard and started to lick her butt hole. Her ass taste and sexy smell made me so mad that suddenly I inserted one finger inside her pussy and another finger inside her butt and started to rub. She shivered like anything when I inserted my finger and she started to fuck my finger by shaking her ass hard. She started shouting “Mahesh, what are u doing, oh i cant tolerate, do it do it, do something to me, lick my fleshy butt, eat and taste it, I knew u always wanted to taste my butt, common like a dog, do whatever u want, aaaaah abbaaaa aaaahaaaa”. Her sexy tempting sounds made me mad and I removed my finger and put it into her mouth. She started to lick it like lollypop with her sweet lips enjoying her sweet taste of her butt. I removed my finger from her lips and I licked it., It was so tasty and that sexy smell.
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