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Our meeting was for 10 a.m., and Sandy opened the door to me and invited me in. The front room was a small living room, modestly furnished. The second room, straight back, looked like it was supposed to be a dining room, but there was no furniture -- just some exercise equipment and a big wooden box, on the padded floor, about the size of a coffin, only maybe a little bigger, all around."You want some coffee?" Sandy asked."Always," I said. She led me on through the house. We had to pass through her bedroom, next, on the way to the final room at the rear -- the kitchen."Nice room!" I said. It was. Sandy's kitchen was big, old-fashioned, homey, and comfortable. It was like falling back into the 1940s -- complete with a red and white checkered oilcloth on the kitchen table. All it lacked was a big coal stove. Instead, Sandy had a small-but-modern electric model."Sit down." She poured us each a mug of steaming coffee, obviously freshly perked. I sampled it. It was strong and perfect.She. You need not fear me, for I will do you no harm.” I take slow steps forward, seeing nothing but stone until I reach a large hallway. The walls here are smooth and the floor is embellished with bright stones in ornate patterns. Only the entrance is lit with torches, the remainder extending too far into the darkness for the human eye to see, and yet I know that’s where He is waiting. I come to a halt, my nude body bathed in the dim firelight. He speaks again. “I feel the blood pump fast through your veins. Do not fear, child. You are bound to perform a holy duty that has been done since the beginning, for which you will be rewarded above all others, save those who came before you. You are, indeed, blessed, my dear. Do you understand?” I force myself to speak, my voice not to waiver. “Yes, my Lord. It is an honor.” “The counsel selected wisely, for you are a jewel among women and represent your people well. Now come, flower, and let your blessed service to the Gods be performed.” .
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