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Take pictures if you like. Remember how it feels to dress sexy. If you wish to buy something, you may, but if you do buy one of the outfits, you must wear it all the way home. This is your fashion show:…”He proceeded to give me series after series of outfits to try on. It looked like he thought of every detail - right down to the type of jewelry, shoes, lingerie … and, I noticed, sometimes a distinct lack of the same!I knew I wouldn’t find all he wanted in one store so I committed to making a day of it. I could barely wait to get to the mall. I must have been speeding the whole way!*************************************At the mall, I parked far away from the entrance to give me the option to back out if I wanted to on my walk over. I didn’t back out. I marched right into the first department store. I was on a mission.I wanted to gather all the clothing at once and try on outfit after outfit - imagining where I’d go in each one of them - but, the stores wouldn’t let me do that. “But you are so overqualified to be a housewife.”“Arun’s parents are orthodox, so they are not okay with me working,” I said with a bit of sadness.“That’s a shame. You know I’m looking for a secretary. I’ll talk to Arun, and you’re going to start tomorrow,” he said.“Tomorrow? But sir…”“No buts Ananya. I can’t let a beautiful and talented woman like you waste your time at home,” he said.“Thank you, sir. I’ll be so happy to work for you,” I said.“It’s not so easy. You should be able to go beyond your limits to keep your boss satisfied. You should work overtime whenever I want you to. You should be ready to make some sacrifices,” he said.“Sure, sir. It’ll be such a pleasure to work for you,” I told him, smiling.“Let me ask you a few questions. You can consider this as your interview,” he said.“Sir, I’m getting nervous,” I told him.“No need to be, Ananya. I’m sure you’ll do fine,” he said. “So, are you okay with traveling? You should be coming with me wherever I go to work.”“Of course,.
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