Running her hand over Nick's hairy chest, Beth moved in and kissed him deeply. In response, Nick's right hand was moving down her back and over the firm ass, a little squeeze on the left cheek. As they kissed, his other hand caressed her right breast, his thumb brushing over the nipple as she gasped. He had only imagined up to now, going by some of her Instagram posts, following the shape of cleavage and mentally filling in the blanks. They were even better than that, and he was honoured to be allowed to feel them. Feeling Jayne's hand brushing her thigh, it was her turn now as she lowered to her knees and exchanged a brief kiss on the lips."Deep breath my dear," Jayne said as she ran a hand through Beth's hair, the other holding Nick's penis firmly.Now on her feet, she mirrored Beth's earlier removal of the skirt as Nick felt Beth's mouth around him. Going one step further to remove her black-red lace panties and revealing that smooth pussy to both of them. Nick's right hand moving. The student must bend over a desk with nose or chest pressed to the desk. Hands and arms should be placed on the desk over their head to further arch the back. To further elevate their bottoms to be spanked, they must raise up on to their toes. Penalty swats can be awarded for every incidence of a heal touching the floor (hint: watch after the “last” swat before the student is told they may relax).Over a barstool or horse. This is probably the best position for paddling because the bottom is presented in a plump and relaxed manner. The person to be punished must lay their full weight across the stool, their feet hanging and hands grasping the legs of the stool at a level such that there is a little support for their upper body.This is a relaxed, comfortable position which works well for lengthy spankings.Laying on bed. Another comfortable position for lengthy spankings and ensuing diversions. The spankee must lay face-down on a bed. Their face should be pressed to the mattress while.
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