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"My hand slipped beneath her woollen skirt and she spread her knees to allow it to reach her crotch. I found it, as it has always been, warm, smooth and moist. With a little more attention, I knew mother's sex would flow like a river. It was the path to her soul that was always open for me.Her lips found my own and I kissed her with passion that has been lacking in my life since Anne died. Mothers hip pressed painfully against my hardening cock and she sighed with the pleasure of the scene.The fucking phone rang immediately tearing my erotic soul asunder. I couldn't leave it.Mom slipped off my lap understanding as always. Straightened her skirt even as I reached for the damn phone."Yes? Get the team together, tomorrow morning... ten is fine." I hung up, angry at the intrusion. I allowed the luxury of sexual bliss, even the promise of it, so rarely in my life these days, that I almost felt guilty for neglecting my work while also feeling angry at choices long forgotten.I leaned into. One of his hands finds my hair and yanks it hard pulling it backmaking me look at him. I do with so much love, desire and need. His bodyis pounding against mine, shaking me hard. I begin to orgasm hard againwithout warning, my tight pussy grips him hard. He moans out my namethis time and I feel him blow his hot seed deep inside me. He fills meto the brim. He has cum so hard inside me and I take it all, leaningback into him wanting it all. He bucks gently pushing it further inside me.He takes me into his arms, pulling me with him as we fall into anuzzling spot. I cuddle into his arms. He’s still trying to catch hisbreath slightly. I look up at him, him looking down at me. We kissgently, our lips barely apart and smile. I feel his fingers dancing upand down my back. It makes me arch every so often amusing him as youdon’t let up.We don’t make it to the tent that night. We stay tangled up in eachother that night sleeping in the moon light. It’s a great first night tospend our camping.
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