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There are rumors, though, that there will be another new artist sharing the stage with Takahashi tonight: two children.As the lights come up and Michiko Takahashi is revealed, the crowd bursts into wild applause. She is wearing what she usually wears for these concerts: a matching blouse, skirt, and athletic shoes. Tonight all is in red accented with gold; the blouse is light and sleeveless but otherwise it isn’t particularly revealing. The skirt is just a touch shorter than some of the news media and Guardians of Public Decency are comfortable with, though really it isn’t anything you can’t see teenage girls wearing every day in Honolulu.Additional lights then light up the band, including two children, a boy and a girl, both nine years old. The girl is wearing a green sundress with white trim and white sandals; she is holding a guitar. The boy is wearing black slacks, dress shoes, and a white button-up shirt tucked into his slacks; he is holding a bass guitar. A music critic will. Basically I started asking round. Iwas going to gather a few stories; take a few pictures; nothing major.It didn't occur to me that I'd actually talk to anyone who said ithappened to them directly. I really thought it was just stories andnothing more." And then you found me?" Not first, no. I've talked to half a dozen people who claim that theyused to be someone else. All sorts of people. A checkout girl in G&Ts. Apneumatic drill operator. A secretary. A businessman. A nightclubbouncer. Then you."I really thought it was just fantasy, but I've met too many people nowthat verify it really happens. I've cross-checked their information;verified everything I could. This isn't just some silly puff pieceanymore. We're talking about a national story. Maybe international." Igrinned, imagining that."It sounds like a lot of old hokum to me." But... it happened to you. You used to be a man." Pardon?"I frowned, feeling frustrated. "You used to be a man," I said. "But thechange affected your mind..
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