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She glanced at the time as he went to buy another round, and noticed it was nearing closing time. She figured she better make her move or leave and come home. She downed another shot with him and then she kissed him on the lips and thanked him. This got him a little bolder and he squeezed her thigh under the table. She pulled his hand to her crotch and kissed him again. He asked if she had a place to go. She said yes, but her husband was probably sleeping and they would have to be quiet. He confessed he was still living at home. He asked if it was safe and she said she always brought guys home. He grinned and agreed. She said she didn't have a car. he said he didn't either cause his ride left hours earlier.She asked if he wanted to get a cab. They jumped a cab and made out like young lovers all the way back. I was sleeping when they arrived. She told him to get a few beers and meet her in the basement hot tub. He did and she came to check on me and told me what was happening. She. She was gone again, my hope to propose her was lost again. Shit I should have proposed her already but it was no use now. Next day her sister called me again.She desired to see me, her sister said that Bhama was furious what she said to me. So to clear up doubts she wanted to meet me. I was doubtful that she may hit me so meeting in her public was very risky.So I insisted her to visit me at a Gomuti, Gomati is actually a slum tea and snack shop with tin sheet as wall and roof. I knew a person owning a Gomati, actually that person I met few months ago, he was nice guy so I helped him financially and so he started a Gomati, tea snacks and cigarettes were free at him place for me.So I called him and asked that is that possible to keep the Gomati empty from 7 PM to 8 PM. He said it wasn’t possible but he’ll still manage. He asked me the reason and I said I wanted to meet someone in private. He assured me that next day the place will be empty from 6 to 9 PM. I called Bhama’s sister and.
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