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Penny continued to look round her in awe.Peter had to explain the rules of tennis to her including the scoring system. She looked at him in amazement.“Why can’t they do it like football: one-love, one all, two-one?”“I’ve no idea. Tennis has been played for a very long time and the rules were probably a bit different in the Middle Ages.”“Hmph! A pretty old-aged way of scoring, I’d say.”Peter laughed delightedly and squeezed her hand. Penny was thrilled but said and did nothing.The competition was run as a league: everyone playing everyone and scoring two points for a win and one for a draw. There were eight players on each side. The programme gave the details of each match and the court it would be played on. There were four games in each match. Peter and Penny did not have to move for Caroline’s first three.Caroline won her first match easily, 3-1, to excited applause and cheering from Peter and Penny. The game that Caroline lost led to four deuces.The second match on that court went. " "No, no. It's cool don't worry about it, it's nothing really." I head over to the bed, trying to calm down. He comes up to the foot of the bed staring down at me, looking unsure of himself, "Uh, okay, so I'll just sleep on the couch and...." "Oh, shut up. Just sleep here with me, you idiot. It's not a big deal." I open the sheets for him on his side of the bed. He still looks unsure, but very relieved at the idea of getting to sleep in a bed and lies down next to me. I haven’t been this close to him since we were 17, so it’s been a few years. We grew apart, then we were just friends, now it’s been four years and here we were. It’s like we’re nervous teenagers again… for me at least. I keep looking at him. My eyes graze down his stomach, over his tan skin and tight stomach. He’s lying on his back staring up at the ceiling. I’m on my side facing him and suddenly realize how little clothing we’re both wearing, and how this could be my last chance. I reach over and put my hand on.
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