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“Fine, lock the door, please? We don’t need Mom or Dad walking in on us kissing, he is a Police Detective. He probably is capable of killing me and nobody would ever find the body.”After she did, she walked to me and we touched lips and it quickly progressed to a nice long open-mouthed kiss.“Hmmm, Matthew, that was really nice!”She’s older than Ella was, but she and I never kissed.“Thanks, Kel. Don’t go weird on me now, OK?”She blushed opening the door, and said, very quietly, “That kiss was better than I got from any boyfriend I have ever had. I am really envious of your girlfriend.”She looked like she wanted another kiss, but I smiled at her and pushed her out my door. I do not want to complicate my life any more than it is at the moment.I watched her taking slow steps and said a final quiet ‘Goodnight, ‘ to her.Crap!After waking up from a dream that had Kelly come in my room naked and suck me off, I took a cold shower and changed into some nice clothes.Then I headed downstairs to. “Yes, Prime?”I still wonder who told it to call me Prime? “Uh, have I had any calls since my wives and I entered the bedroom?”“Yes. Lieutenant Mayfield called and so did General Whitworth.”“The General called? Uh, what did you tell him?”“That you and your wives were making love and did not want to be disturbed unless it was an emergency, of course.”“Oh, shit. Oh, shit,” Jeff mumbled as he jumped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and was trying to dry himself as he rushed to the phone. As he sat on the bed and grabbed the instrument, he realized that he had a blue thong tangled around his wet foot. Kicking the tidbit of material away, he dialed the General’s private number.Instead of his usual answer, the General asked instead, deadpan, “Get anybody pregnant?”“Oh, shit, Sir. I’m sorry. I guess Arlene or Helen, or whoever has been screwing with the AI’s programming again...”Laughing, Whitworth returned, “Well, it did tell me it would connect me if it was an emergency. Sounded fair.
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