(part 1) Tamil Wife Chating With Brother-in-law mp4

I was trying to avoid getting drawn in. I although the book was now shut, I scanned its cover intensely. I looked behind the bar at every drink on sale. Anything but getting suckered in.“Something on your mind?”“No. I can’t sleep, that’s all.”The book cover had a blue background. A cereal box turned on its side with the title spelled out in plasticine.“You’re thinking about Nikki, aren’t you?”The bar had Heineken, Newcastle Brown, Amstel, some beer I couldn’t recognise, focus focus don’t start thinking about her like that-“I know it must be difficult for you, being here, with what’s happened…”I let out a long, loud, involuntary sigh.“Yeah, yeah.”“If you’re not in the mood to talk-““No, no. We’ll talk.” I might have been terrified of my newfound attraction to her, but I didn’t really think it was the done thing for the best man to alienate the bride the night before the wedding. “You’re right. I’m feeling very upset and in an ideal world I wouldn’t be here. I have come to drink to try. From now on you are called Tommy instead of Tom. Are you willing to do as I ask, Tommy?”“Yes, Mistress!” I replied.“Good. Now, you must understand that I own you sexually. You are not allowed sex without my permission. Tommy, do you know what blue balls are?”“Yes mistress, I do.” I answered.“I’ll bet you have them now don’t you boy? Tell Mistress Shelly the truth!”“Yes ma’am...” I sheepishly admitted.Shelly stood up and gestured for me to do likewise. She said, “Strip! I need to see what kind of boy I own!” I gave Shelly a blank look and hesitated. “Well?” she snapped. I jumped up, saying “Yes, mistress!” I undressed, having no idea what to expect next.Shelly knelt down in front of me so that my cock and balls were at face level. She hefted my balls in her palm and exclaimed, “These are big balls for a 15 year old! These are as big as hen’s eggs! If you weren’t my Submissive, I could call you Tiger Balls!“ She hefted my balls until I was rock hard. She said “Poor Tommy, all.
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