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And then his thoughts turned to Elena, raven-haired, brown-skinned, exotically beautiful. And the way she moved, as though each step were set to music. And her flashing eyes, and her exquisite face registering every emotion beneath it. And under it all, the most attractive of any quality: kindness. The last four months seemed a dream to him. He remembered the first time he saw her, directing a pair of salesmen to whatever their appropriate destination was. And then it was his turn to speak to her. ‘Yes?’ she said, not looking up from the logbook in which she was making an entry. And he stood mute, unable to remember what it was he needed to say to this angel. Finally she looked up, and instantly must have recognized the nature of his stare, given how she smiled and seemed to laugh to herself. Then she gave him the warmest smile, tinged with humor, sharing with him the joke of his obvious attraction. ‘Can I help you?’ He’d been scheduled to spend just two days at her site, but he. " Me either baby, we'll just have to control our noise. We don't want a flight attendant to open the door to see if something is wrong. You know how loud you can get sometimes when we're fucking." Yes, I know," she said. "Does it count if I blow you? That way my mouth would be full of cock and I couldn't scream." Yeah, I guess that would count, but I would rather fuck you." Okay then," she giggled, "it's settled. You fuck me and I don't scream."Don began to laugh at her, slipped his hand under her bottom, and squeezed her. She put her arm around his neck, pulled his mouth to hers, and kissed him. The two cuddled and kissed for a few minutes and then got up from the bed. Marge smoothed the covers and made sure there was no evidence of their lovemaking."I'm going to jump into the shower and then get dressed to go," Don said."Alright honey," Marge said. "I'll get cleaned up when you're finished. I would jump in with you, but I have to shave."Don went into the bathroom, turned on the.
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