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"Of course we did, it was all over Twitter, thanks for starting that trend mind you. What? Did you think we meant something else?" "Oh yeah, I may had said that to Grant just now right before you found us... well, me." "Amazeballs. Do tell..." Cole and Devon both said as they acted in unison and wrapped a hand around their cocks at exactly the same time, stroking softly. Jan acted on instinct and pulled Cole closer to kiss him hard on his lips while he felt that grabbed cock connect with his own hard cock as his tongue plunged deep inside Cole's mouth to mesh with his, whereas also feeling the touch of Devon's lips on the back of his neck and an acheing cock begging for entry being placed at a very awaiting ass. But Devon actually forced himself to wait and pulled Jan away from Cole, thus ending that hot scorching french kiss session. "Hey, no fair," Cole replied, throwing both his hands up in the air, thus freeing his cock from its hand captivity, but Jan's hand quickly reclaimed. However most options are avoidable.How the system works: I understand that everyone wants to read every page, and that is hard with a game mode. However the game mode was needed for this story. I have tried to make things repeatable, and I will add later a way to revisit planets you have visited before. There is always a back button, because there are hidden variables that need to be changed if you want to check all the pages. Actually some options will be unlocked only the second time you revisit the planet. I will mark those chapters with "*" so that you won't lose time trying to find their conditions :p The only pages that will probably be picked one time will be the event ones, till I figure a way to make them repeatable I guess, but not any time soon.You can always read them with game mode off, but sometimes parts will be missing if I have used the if statements because they need a variant to become visible.You choose the success or the failure of the actions. If you succeed you.
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