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He dialed a number and someone picked up, "Hiya, Ron. I have a situation up in 316. I think I'm going to need some help." I was shaking my head and trying to scream through the gag, but he wasn't interested. "Bring Dave too." I was shaking my head violently now, and pulling against my bonds, but they were tied too tight. There was nothing I could do. While he was waiting for his friends, the maintenance man started teasing me with the dildo; sliding it slowly out then ramming it back in with a single swift movement. Out slowly then in fast. Over and over, as I moaned and shook my head. A few minutes passed and then Ron and Dave arrived. The three of them looked down at me on that bed, and I don't think I have ever seen anyone hungrier. "Well, well, well Darren. Thank you for sharing!" sneered Ron. "Do you think she's a screamer?" I shook my head, desperate to have the gag off. I mumbled "Please" as best I could and I think they must have understood. So they took off the gag, and. Well, anyway, enough talk."She stood, pulling the gun back out of her belt and began to walkpurposefully toward me. I screamed, raising my arms in an involuntaryvain effort to protect myself, drawing my knees up to my chest, trying toball myself up and not leave anything vital exposed. My eyes closed infear, yet somehow over my own scream, I heard something hit the floor witha clack, quickly followed by a crunching sound. There was a beat as Iwaited for death to take me, before I heard Lt. Schlafly's voice."Are you... kidding me? You had them on you the whole time?"I opened my eyes, taking in the scene beside me. Schlafly had one footraised off the ground, under which were the remains of the empty tube oflipstick that must have slipped out of my pocket. Amongst the pieces ofgolden plastic, the sunlight glinted off the largest diamonds I had everseen. Her mouth was open, her body frozen in position, gazing inreverence at the glittering objects below her.I saw my opportunity and.
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