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It was customarily adorned with huge, floppy cushions and was afavorite place of his for reading or just having a drink and looking atthe beach and sea. Now his lovely daughter adorned it. She had kickedoff the light covers and was sprawled on her back, one arm above herhead and the opposing knee drawn up to her waist, exposing the crotch ofthe pale blue nylon pajama panties that she wore under her sleeveless,shortie gown. Even at a distance of fifteen feet, Knight could see afew wisps of delicate dark pubic curls escaping from beneath the elasticband. The saucy mounds of Davie's firm, young breasts were welldelineated by the supple fabric, too, and they rose and fell as she breathed rhythmicallyduring her deep and innocent slumber. He closed his eyes, trying to blink away the forbidden desire thatengulfed him. No! I can't think such thoughts! She's a c***d, aninnocent c***d. She's my daughter, for chrissakes! No! He threw off the sheet and stumbled across the room, reaching forhis. I was afraid that bhabi may say something to bhaiya. Although I was Fucking bhaiya regularly, any men can get angry when some one eye on their wife. But fortunately bhabi did not say anything. In the evening he just asked me do I sleep nude always. I replied yes. But I was shy. Bhabi again started laughing.After that day Bhabi stated behaving differently. When Bhaiya goes to duty or travel Bhabi started staying more time with me. She would call me in her room and ask me to watch TV or study there giving explanation that she get bored when she is Alone at home. She started to bend frequently in front of me, showing her big boobs.Some times she was so low neck dress that I can see her nipples when she bends. This continued for few weeks.I knew that she is ready to be fucked. But I just waited.One day Bhaiya Bhabi and me went to market, bought some dress and returned. After dropping Bhabi and me at home he went to his friend’s home saying that he will return in an hour or two. It was a.
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