All he had to do was manoeuvre his body so that his cock made its way towards that gorgeous mouth. All he had to do was insert it and feel Gina’s lips close around him. All he had to do was move it inside her, the way he’d moved it inside her pussy, only not so hard, fast or deep. Whether she was for real or not, she was still Gina, and he didn’t want to make her gag the way he’d seen in some videos.Their eyes locked. She seemed to be telling him that she didn’t normally do this, but that she was enjoying it because he was enjoying it. Which he was. He was enjoying fucking her mouth, her warm wet mouth, with his cock which must taste of her pussy. The thought made him twitch and almost begin to shed. Gina twisted her head slightly, but relaxed again when no cum came. Not that then, Ben thought; no cumming in her mouth.But she seemed happy enough for him to move his cock in her mouth. She wasn’t doing anything herself, just reclining there is if her mouth was for his pleasure. He. “It went pretty well. The space-to-ground ARM seemed to work well, our stealth seemed to hold up, and dropping off the gift box for the Sa’arm near their usual FTL entry point into the system went without a hitch. We did get some bad news, though.”“What’s that?” Colonel Decker asked with concern.“No nukes. Ordnance can’t get them made. Any chance you have some plutonium stashed somewhere we could use?”A few months ago, the idea of walking up to my commanding officer and asking if he had any spare plutonium laying around that I could use would have seemed beyond ridiculous. Here I was doing just that. My, how the times have changed.He chuckled. “I wish I did. AI, what is the nearest source of plutonium to Truman?”“How about uranium?”“Can that source be exploited?”“How far away is the closest potentially exploitable source?”“In other words, a hell-hole.”“What would your best estimate be of the time it would take to start mining operations there, perform whatever processes are required.
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