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‘And yet, what choice did I have?’She managed to tear her eyes from monstrous prick and seek out her sister once more. Her demure, bookish sister, who was staring hungrily at her. Blushing, she shifted her gaze to her father. He, too, stared at her, his face slack with desire. She was sure that she had never once imagined such naked lust upon his face, let alone seen it. And it was directed at her!“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you Prince Maximus!”There was a dramatic pause, and then, the Sargeant-Major continued.“And his brother, Prince Majoris!A great cheer went up as a second horse-man strode from the wings, his prick nearly identical to his brothers in both length and girth. Alice began to tremble as they took their places, one to either side of her, wincing as began running their hands over her, helpless to stop them as they took their time, touching and teasing, their fingers brushing intimately over her flesh, starting with her upraised arms. And then, her waist.. "Yes, I am . . . Touch me more." "Call me Daddy," Timothy whispered. I threw my head back as Timothy pressed down on my clitoris. He wanted me to call him Daddy? Did he even realize how hot that was? Of course he did. He knew how to push my buttons! Especially my pleasure button. He pushed down slowly on my clit, sending lovely tingling sensations up my spine. Slowly he slid in one finger, and I gripped the pew seats to keep from screaming. Tanner began kissing my ear gently, kissing my ear to my chin to my neck, then got down to my breasts. He slid off one shoulder of my tank top. His mouth fell. "Seriously, Grace? No bra? Dirty gal." I shook my head. "For you." He laughed and began sucking on my nipples. The combination of Timothy adding in a second finger with Tanner sucking on my breasts was almost too much to handle. As Timothy added in a third finger, I was about to burst. My pussy was clenching and my breaths were short and fast. "Shit, Tim, I'm . . . about . . . to CUM!".
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