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The muscle walls grabbed gales finger in a death grip, probably not wanting it to leave for fear it might want to come back. Gail pulled it free, oiled two fingers, and played with Jessica’s ass on the outside, until she felt it loosen up just a little, and then, pushed forward, until both were deep inside Jessica. Jessica moaned aloud. Her knees were bending, her belly was tightening, and her friends were close to bringing her to orgasm. The pain in her ass was as a hot poker had been forced into her. Gail knew that this was not enough. She coated her fingers, again, and poured warm oil over Jessica’s’ abused anus and rubbed it in, lovingly. Once she felt Jessica relax again, she pushed three of her fingers into Jessica’s ass, as far as she could get them. Jessica groaned audibly as Gail continually abused her internally. She knew it was in preparation for what was to come, but right now, it hurt like hell. Dycke’s voice rang out in the bathroom saying, ‘Jessica, your time is up.. When I got there, she was wearing yoga pants, and a tank, she’d told me she was on hormones, and I noticed how nice, and round her breast were, her ass was amazing too, anyways we went to the bathroom where she told me to strip, I was so nervous, but I did anyway, she said let’s shave you, I hesitated, as I felt I was pretty smooth already, she insisted, and the two of us went to work, I was a really turned on as she shaved my ass, and lifted my balls to shave them, and my scrotum, she noticed, but didn’t make mention of it, just smiled, and kept going, after that she gave me a mani, and pedi, and painted my toes, and put fake nails on my fingers, she then had me take a shower, she got in with me, and washed herself too, as we were going out after, and time was running out, I tried not to stare at her in the shower, perfect tits, flat stomach, completely shaven long cut cock, I kept my back to her, as I didn’t want her to see my erection. We got out of the shower, we put robes on.
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