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Above the platform hang multiple ropes, cables and straps extending up above the open rafters to mysterious pieces of equipment somehow reminiscent of the flies above a stage for live theatre productions. A control module hangs from a gooseneck pod at one corner. Another pod supports a narrow, high-intensity light, while another supports what seems to be a camera. Other cameras are mounted on a track above. I’m stunned!Beside one wall are two tall, white-enameled rolling cabinets each with multiple drawers. A rolling instrument table is next to a countertop with sink and basin. The rest of the walls seem lined with horizontally grooved panels equipped with clamps and hooks holding an incredible array of paraphernalia: gags, hoods, masks, restraints, cuffs, paddles, whips, quirts, halters, bridles and a host of other items whose purpose I can hardly guess. The closed door in a corner I assume leads to a toilet. An open closet reveals a variety of clothing including frilly. I know my body and I know what this much pleasure does to me. I’m reaching the point where I’ll start to have a continuous orgasm. No stopping. No break. Just one long ride that turns my brain to mush, my knees to jello, and nothing but incoherent babbling emanating from mouth when it’s not muffled by the cock I’m sucking.After a few more minutes of unceasing pummeling, it hits me. Time no longer has any meaning for me. I’m in bliss and everything around me disappears in flashes of light as my mind shuts down and just enjoys what’s happening to my body.I don’t know how much time has past. Next thing I know I’m on my back on the subway car’s bench seating, with the two most recent guys pulling out of my mouth and ass. I can still taste cum in my mouth and some has escaped and is dripping down my chin and cheeks. I’m laying in what is slowly turning into a puddle beneath my ass, as at least two loads leak out of my still gaping anus. The guy who initiated it all chuckles to his friends.
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