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"Oh my... " I started to say, catching myself since it might not like me saying that."goodness," I managed to whisper.In front of me was a... twister, or tornado of white sparkling light. The base of it was coming from... "My coin... " I barely uttered.The normally red translucent coin was bright white with even brighter sparkles flowing from underneath it, passing up through and into the twister's vortex.It was terrifying, yet somehow I knew it wasn't here to harm me. I gathered my courage up and with all my might and energy, I mumbled "hi?"Whispers... Whispers that seemed to come from every direction. My ears were twitching as they involuntarily were trying to track the moving sources.Then suddenly the light surged and the whispers seemed to congeal at the center of the twister of light."Tim... " it said.A mouth made out of light formed at the spot where the sound appeared to have come from. The mouth was human looking, appearing to be emerging out of the light like it was immersed. The openbottom girdle was so interesting, and I loved the feel of the tightspandex hugging my body. I wished I had something better than the waddedup socks I used to stuff my bra with but they would have to do. Iimagined a day when I might have my own breasts to fill out the cups of asexy bra. I sat down at the vanity and went to work on my makeup, somenice moisturizer and some powdered foundation to start things off. Iwent with a demure look to match my outfit using a subtle blush high onmy cheekbones. A light charcoal eyeliner followed by some powdered blueeye shadow to highlight my eyes then as much mascara as my lashes wouldtake.With my makeup complete I pulled my wig on and brushed it out so itwafted against my neck. Happy with my look I went back to put on thedress. The white polka dots were really set of against the bright yellowbackground and the short tailored sleeves with the cute buttons gave itsuch a feminine feel. I pulled the dress over my head and adjusted.
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