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First she played hard to get, then hard to lose," I remembered ruefully."So, that old broad didn't look too spry. Whatsa matta, don'cha think we could take 'em?" said Janey."Believe me, I would almost pay money to see you two tangle with those two," I laughed. "WWF would lose rating points that night. Seriously, when you do meet them properly, and you will, don't turn your back on them if you're near the serving line; there are too many knives lying around. And always stay close to at least two witnesses."Janey's eyes were as big as saucers as she followed this conversation. At least she didn't think I was joking.I made a mental note to schedule a lunch with ol' Thorny for the next week. He'd already gotten a good rise out of this story. I'd just fill in a few blanks, beginning with Janey's attack, to help him smooth it out at home. He understood daughters. He just had no idea how to control his own.Following breakfast we headed to a much larger city about an hour away, but again it. Doug teasingly bites each and squeezes my buttocks before returning his mouth to my lower neck. He plants more love bites on me and I feel my gusset grow moist as his hard cock rubs against my pussy.Doug stands up and carries me into the lounge. Placing me down on the couch, he moves on top of me to grind his hard-on against my wetness as I look up at him feverishly. I reach for his belt and tug. Taking my request, Doug kicks off his trousers and shrugs off his shirt to reveal a well kept body beneath. His prone cock is concealed by his navy Armani briefs and for a minute I am utterly speechless. His body can compete with that of a twenty five year old yet his mature fifty years have done nothing to him but added the shimmer of grey at his temples, though his hair is otherwise dark. I feel a pulse run through my clit and I suddenly want to be as stripped as he is. I go to undo the tie at my waist that holds my dress together but Doug takes my hands with a silent shake of his head. He.
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