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Then I remembered. The facial hair had thrown me off at first. He had grown a beard in the two years since I had last seen him. We had spent a lovely week together in Kauai on Poipu Beach. Darian flew all the way there behind the airplane, just as a little personal test of endurance. You see, I was in my sixties now, but no one could ever guess it. The high vibration rate of the energies I channeled regularly kept me youthful and strong, and made it possible for me to continue to attract younger men, as well as older ones. Tom was probably quite shocked to learn I was old enough to be Angela’s mother. But Angela was a lucky woman. I had known the moment I met Tom that he would be a faithful steward of the Flame. What a blessing to have my ministry to him come full circle to anoint my daughter in her hour of need! He covered up his astonishment quite well, I thought. Angela was rather used to men becoming flustered and tongue-tied in my presence, so I’m sure whatever lack of composure. Get yerself a little nookie!"Graydon excused himself from the table, ignoring his stepfather's angry protests: "Hey, shithead, I'm not done talking to you! Git yer ass back here!"Graydon snatched up his jacket and slipped out of the house, his face blazing with shame, his ears burning. His mind struggled to suppress the hot rage and angry curses rising within himself. His feet found their own path; he walked up the mountain. As he walked he called up strength to quell his murderous thoughts.It had been an unsettled, hot, violent sort of day that promised a night filled with thunderheads and lightning strikes. Prayerfully, it would be a night of cloud-to-cloud lightning. The forest was dry, rains were infrequent and scattered, every ground strike was certain to start a fire.Mike sat with Graydon at their accustomed fire circle, the tiny rock-lined pit in a clearing on the hillside above Mike's cabin. The pale light of a half moon winked through the towering thunderheads that swept.
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